PANCAKES | simple + easy recipe

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

It took so many tries to get this recipe right! I changed the ratio of dry to wet ingredients, the amount of baking powder. I cooked them on a low, medium and high heat. At one point, I had about 5 batches of pancakes in the fridge and my mother was screaming at me for wanting to try to make them again.

So FINALLY, I can share with you a recipe for light and fluffy pancakes made from very basic pantry ingredients :)

If you're looking for something more wholesome, check out the recipe for Banana Oatmeal Pancakes.


1 1/3 cups (165 g) all-purpose flour

1 Tbs baking powder

2 Tbs sugar

pinch of salt

1 cup (240 ml) almond milk, or any milk of your choice

2 tsp vinegar, white distilled or apple cider

splash of vanilla


  1. Mix together the milk and vinegar and let it sit for 5-10 minutes to form a "buttermilk."

  2. In a bowl, whisk together the dry ingredients., then add the now curdled "buttermilk" and vanilla.

  3. Allow a pan to preheat on medium-low heat. If the pan is not hot enough, the pancakes will cook, but they won't brown nicely.

  4. Add the batter to the pan in batches (I found a 1/3 measuring cup to be the perfect amount. No need to scrape all the batter out of it). Cook until the bubbles on top pop and the bottom is golden brown. Then, flip the pancake and cook for another minute.

  5. Serve them warm with your favourite toppings!